December 30, 2020


Nowadays, any domain that one wants to register like supercyberheroes.com has to do it with register companies such as godaddy and many others. The information of that registry is stored on servers or in the cloud, then if one decides to use that domain to create a web page, all this data remains in the cloud, more specifically in the DNS, all the information is centralized, in this case, it is controlled by godaddy. Imagine for a moment if all the godaddy servers fail, well simply millions of web pages would stop working.  


Apart from that, all domain registrars are governed by the rules imposed by an international organization called ICANN, one of which is that every company or person is obliged to give their data and make them public as email, full name, address where you live, city and country, and you have to confirm those private data every year, all this information can be seen by millions of people around the world, at least one pays between US$10 to US$20 annually for each domain that you have, that rule applies to all people worldwide except for Europeans who are part of the European Union since 2017 the court of this block obliged ICANN and domain registrars by law to respect the privacy of all its nationals because Europe takes the data protection and privacy of its citizens very seriously.  


The web is so centralized that a government can easily block any web page like China blocks Facebook and thousands more. If a blogger or a web page breaks the terms and conditions of google, it simply removes it from its search engine, or closes the channel of youtube, if someone wants to express their opinions freely about politics, religion etc, groups against those ideas can make a lawsuit, and a judge can force their servers to close it, they can easily censor any web page, apps or videos and so on there are thousands of other examples, but with decentralized domains or content, no one can take it out of circulation except its owner.  


Now the new blockchain domains better known as decentralized are not registered in the cloud, but in a blockchain wallet like any cryptographic currency that only the owner can handle with a key, nobody can block it, in any centralized domain the information is in the DNS in the D-domains in the P2P blockchain system (peer to peer), in the centralized to create content a CM is used like WordPress and the decentralized Domains the creation of the content is through an IPFS.  


At the moment in December 2020, there are only 3 D-domains, the first was created by ethereum the owner of the cryptocurrency ETH and the second was sponsored by a Singapore Blockchain company called zilliqa and creator of the cryptocurrency ZIL, this company donated US$250,000 to a San Francisco startup decentralized domain registrar to advance in the process, the registrar is called unstoppabledomains, this company has received more than US$4 million from other investors and since 2019 it created another domain called .crypto.  


Anyone who has a cryptocurrency to make a transfer or transaction needs the address of that currency which is a very long series of numbers and letters of up to 40 characters which is what is known as the key and it is practically impossible to memorize, that is why all institutions or people have to copy and paste, with the new D-domains .eth, .zil or .crypto that martyrdom is over, they only need to have a D-domain such as your business.crypto or yourname.crypto and there in that Domain, you can store up to more than 50 keys of different cryptocurrencies just one click without anyone knowing what cryptocurrency we are going to receive as payment, apart from that they can also create a blockchain web page that cannot be blocked or censored.  


What is the difference between .crypto and the others? Here is what it is interesting, centralized domains all have the same advantages when it comes to making web pages, only that .com is the most recognized and has more commercial value than the others.  

In the .crypto Domains as of December 2020, it already had more than 400,000 registered and it will make the .com of the future and much more.  


Why? According to the world organization of the economic forum, this decade of the 20s will make the blockchain economy and will reach its maximum development at the beginning of 2028 with businesses moving 9 trillion dollars and according to Mattew Gould one of the founders of unstoppabledomains estimates that between 2030 and 2040 the internet will have completely moved from centralized to decentralized, perhaps in 2035 if you want to buy something on Amazon you will have to visit the amazon.crypto website.  


Again, why would .crypto have more advantage? Well, because this Ddomains uses open source ethereum technology and is the only one that at this moment has several companies that have and are developing applications and tools, and many other startups prepare entries in this business.  


.crypto can be seen in opera and unstoppabledomains browsers and with extensions in browsers like Grave, Chrome and others, it also has many integrations, web3 tools, more markets, features for a chat and email and there is a blockchain company that was born for streaming, the best of all is that only one payment is made and it is one for the rest of our lives unless you sell it, here you do not have to pay annual renewal and companies or people with a trademark or brand can claim it for free until December 31st 2020, .crypto has a bright future.  



.crypto was born in 2019 and unstoppabledomains decided that to move fast it needed to protect the brands of companies and people, therefore it gave a period of 14 months as the sunrise for anyone to claim their brand for free, it started from October 2019 to December 31, 2020, until that date Domains are protected, but once January arrives they will put them on sale for anyone to buy and once this is done there is no way for a brand to claim it since when it is launched on the blockchain it cannot be stopped, there is nothing they can do.  


What can happen here? People buy them to sell it to the brand at a higher price and make a profit, to make criticisms or recommendations about that brand, legally they can always do it as long as they do not obtain income, or if they fall into the hands of criminals, they can do to completely discredit the company, send phishing, fraud, send spam, hack, steal information etc.  


People or companies with a brand must take into account that they have worked hard to earn their prestige, and even if they have good lawyers and a lot of money, a judge cannot order to close that website since as it is decentralized there is no way to block it, close it or censor it, the only one who can do it is who has the key.  


Here on this page, you can claim your domains for free: https://unstoppabledomains.com/tm 

But if there are several brands or trademarks with the same name claiming the domain, they go to auction.

If a person or company wants to buy a .crypto domain here is my link to get US$10 off https://unstoppabledomains.com/r/ff85a710788a48e  



1- If blockchain manages to move the entire internet from centralized to decentralized, every person or brand must already have their D-domain because once the train leaves it, it is difficult to grasp it and .crypto will become the domain of the future, simply if not yet want to use it, leave it there until it’s time to use it.  


2- Governments will not be happy losing the power to control people and companies on the internet, they will not be able to close, censor or block, many large companies will lose a lot of money and influence so they will do lobby that this will not happen or it fall behind as long as they can, the truth will be that they will only adapt to the new reality of the internet and move with their business to decentralized and adapt to the changes.  


3- Among blockchain and cryptocurrency investors there are multimillion-dollar venture capital companies and billionaire angel investors who can afford to pay good lawyers to defend themselves, the fight has already started recently the US government sued the world leader Ripple in transfer and banking transactions via blockchain.  


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