February 23, 2023


1- If you plan to make a video or blog explaining from the beginning, do not write the access email of the web page you plan to enter and if you do, be sure to put a blurred image so that it is not noticed, since hackers will know the first security line, this makes their task easy.  

2-Although you only see the dots, do not write your access password, since hackers use brute force software that launches up to a billion attempts to guess the password and if they see how many dots there are, they will know how many characters your password has, so do not write the points or cover it.   

3-Always use verification code on your mobile, if hackers manage to penetrate the first 2 security lines, they will not have access to your phone unless they have already been hacked.   

4- If you are going to do a tutorial on cryptocurrencies, keep in mind that, although cryptocurrency addresses are public, nobody knows who they belong to, so cover the address partially or totally and for extra security use different addresses so that neither hacker and people know exactly how much they have in a crypto wallet.   

5- For a crypto or non-crypto tutorial always use 2 security factors, don’t use text or message as they can be hacked, use an authenticator like google which are very secure, and apart from that the security code changes every 20 seconds. 

Supercyberheroes book: (English & Spanish)

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