Lace Light Wallet from Cardano-IOHK (Web3) 

October 16, 2022

Lace Light Wallet from Cardano-IOHK (Web3) 

Blockchain technology is about more than just money. It’s also about owning your own data, collective innovation and supporting digital creators. 

In input output global, creator of Cardano made one easy to use platform that let you interact with the Cardano blockchain and beyond. That’s is why Input Output Global Created Lace, a light wallet platform designed to be the get way into the world of blockchain that combines a host of Web3 features all in one place. 

Lace lets you store, manage and send your digital assets, like ADA coin, De-FI token like Meld (*NFA) or probably utility token for travel & leisure like Kubecoin (*NFA) browse Dapps, monitor your NFT, and expand your access to DeFi. It also allows you to buy, sell, trade, and secure digital assets all within a single app, essentialy Lace streamlines the journey, eliminates the need for multiple wallets, and ensures user security every step of the way. 

Lace will make Web3 easy and accessible for everyone and was designed with you in mind wherever you are in your crypto Journey. 

So, what’s next? They are working to integrate sidechains into Lace to support users, from the Ethereum community. All without experiencing any friction as you operate between networks. Not only is Lace inclusive, but it’s built to evolve to meet the needs of users across the blockchain universe. Plus, Lace can be provided as a white label, fully customized to meet the needs of enterprise clients. 

Lace will be able to connect with some Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets. 

Lace is a not custodial wallet it means you own the keys; you keep the private key and share the public key to allow you make transaction without the need of third party. 

NOTE: at the time of published this post Lace light wallet was still not officially available, but 500 people are going to test the BETA version and each week will increase the participants until it become official and people will be able to download it from their website and add it to your browser (extension) you can do staking, store your NFT, use the Dapp’s connector for gaming, services, a part of that you could buy, sell and send any digital assets you will be allow to swap them tooIn the pipelines soon it would have Dapp Store, dedicated voting and on the way is coming Dark Mode, Mobile and desktop Apps, Decentralized identity integration, Fiat on and off-ramps, sidechains connectivity, multi-sig capability and a lot more to come.  

*NFA (Not financial advice) 

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